We Are Great At What We Do...

…and that’s what makes us different.

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Our logo is an amalgamation of our partners personal tastes.

We Won An Industry Gold Star Award

It might mean nothing to you but we spent 3 months on our award application and deserve this pat on the back!

Who WE ARE will always be more important than who YOU ARE

Rather than craft our clichés into a beautifully wordsmithed paragraph we thought it easier to just list them.

  • One stop shop
  • Umpteen years experience
  • Client focussed
  • We listen
  • We are different
  • Award winning
  • Leading
  • Positive
  • Creative
  • Partnerships
  • Innovative
  • Solutions

How We Work




As you can plainly see, our actual expertise is secondary to all this other stuff.

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If the service you are looking for is not listed above please let us know and we’ll get it.

Our People

Our collective ego is bigger than most other firms.

Look how many lawyers we’ve got for you to choose from.

You can swipe right or left just like tinder!

Bill Moore

Managing Partner

Geta Journed


Dane Court


Gill Tee


Andy Allrounda


Dee Fendant


Will Maker


Eve Idence


Warren Tee


Mete Justice


Madge Istrate


Justin Time


Li Tigant


Helen Earth


Barry Ster


Di Version


Holda Lien


Ree Voke


Sue Poena


Garna Shee


Employee of the month

Senior Lawyer, John Getsit wrote 3 new blog articles which was 3 more than any other staff member.


We are a great place to work

  • We have a values statement
  • We have a nice culture
  • We are inclusive and diverse but only want the best talent
  • Don’t expect to work a 40 hour week
  • You could make partner one day
  • You can use facebook at your desk

Our Location

Look at the view from our boardroom!

You’d love our swish offices that you’ll rarely, if ever visit.

Our monthly rent bill is more than we spent on this whole website that is trying to lure you into our office.

PS – We know this site is a bit busy (we prefer lots of white space) but there’s just so much we want to tell you about ourselves.

Community Sponsorship

You’ll be pleased to know that a small portion of your fees goes back to the community.

We sponsor the local football team (primarily so that our partners and their families can use the corporate box) and a number of charities that display our logo.

We Love Social Media

Follow us on social media to keep up to date with staff birthdays and morning tea ideas! Great for staff family members!

Follow us on Linkedin for sporadic posts. Our lawyers accept most connection requests within 28 days.

Latest News!!

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Come back next week and we will have another riveting article just like this that the marketing team told us we have to write.

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We might win another award!

This is a short article telling you about how great we are and that we have been nominated for yet another award.

Almost a new staff member

Meet Nerilee Madeit a lawyer with over 15 years’ experience who we interviewed last week.

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